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September 6, 2017
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Blue Ridge Health Services Merges With Lindley Habilitation Services

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Blue Ridge Health Services, Inc. Merges With Lindley Habilitation Services, Inc.

Lindley Habilitation Services, Inc. (LHS), an organization dedicated to serving people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD), is pleased to announce the addition of Blue Ridge Health Services, Inc. (Blue Ridge) into their agency, effective December 18, 2017. Wendy Steele, CEO of Lindley, said, “We are excited to have Blue Ridge join us as a part of the Lindley family. This merger will allow us to continue to further our mission–providing exceptional service to exceptional people–in areas where we already have an established presence.” Blue Ridge, like LHS, has served individuals with I/DD in the Triad since 1998. Blue Ridge CEO, Lubna Reece, added, “Joining forces with Lindley will help enhance our services to individuals and our benefits to staff, while continuing to allow us to fulfill our mission of serving individuals with developmental disabilities and delayed and atypical development.”

Lindley Habilitation Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Community Based Care (CBC), is one of NC’s largest providers of support to persons with I/DD. Based in Greensboro, LHS has offices in Greensboro, Clemmons, Burlington, Cary, Wilmington and Southport, as well as Palm Harbor, Florida. CBC acquired LHS in 2016, as part of CBC’s strategy to be the leading network of I/DD providers in North Carolina, establishing a statewide presence with agencies who are market leaders in the delivery of community-based services to people with I/DD. CBC’s Executive VP, Gene Rodgers, said, “Lindley Habilitation and Blue Ridge both have two decades of providing excellent care for individuals of the I/DD community. A merger like this will benefit all parties involved, especially the people we serve and their families.”

For more information, please visit www.cbcarellc.com and www.lindleyhabilitation.com.

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